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Friday, 25 May 2012

The Tramcar Sponsorship Organisation

A message from Mike Crabtree, Chairman, The Tramcar Sponsorship Organisation (TSO) to all TSO members

Colin Heaton, Chairman, The Tramway Museum Society has asked me to extend, on his behalf, an invitation to all TSO Members to be present at the launch of Blackpool 'Luxury Toastrack' 236 on Sunday 3rd June 2012 at 11 30 am in Stephenson Place at the Museum.

Arrangements have also been made for TSO members to enjoy a special private ride on the car departing the depot fan at 2 00 pm.

The launch event is taking place during the Museum's weekend event 'Beside the Seaside', it is expected that in addition to Blackpool 236 on its inaugural day in service, there will be many other Blackpool trams running.

Fellow TSO Trustees and myself look forward to meeting and welcoming TSO Members to this event and hope many of you are able to attend at what looks like being a good day at the Museum.

Mike Crabtree,


The Tramcar Sponsorship Organisation