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Monday, 14 May 2012

Blackpool 630 Launch

An event to launch Blackpool 'Brush' car 630 in to service was held at the Museum on Saturday 12th May 2012. The Museum arranged to have all operational tramcars that had been built by Brush Ltd in passenger carrying service and displayed other non operational Brush built tramcars in the depot yard. 

Blackpool Brush car 630 posed in the depot with Blackpool Brush car 298

TMS President Chris Thornburn making a welcoming speech to launch 630 in to service and inviting the passengers and guests to board the tram, with 630's first tram crew comprising Driver Peter Whiteley and Conductor Sue Whiteley looking on.

630 leaving the depot yard conveying its first load of passengers on the inaugural run to Glory Mine.

Cardiff 131 passing the Derby Corporation Brush bodied Crossley bus

Brush built London 1622 passing the Brush built Derby Corporation bus


Blackpool 'Brush' car 630 passing the Brush built Derby Corporation bus.

all photos courtesy Mike Crabtree