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Friday, 18 May 2012

Centenary of the opening of the Grimsby & Immingham Electric Railway 15th May 1912

The Grimsby and Immingham Electric Railway was opened 100 years ago on 15th May 1912.

The Museum is very fortunate to have two examples of the rolling stock that ran on the line; Grimsby and Immingham 14 and Gateshead 5 that ran on the line as Grimsby & Immingham No 20.

Grimsby  &  Immingham 14 and Grimsby & Immingham 20 at the Immingham Dock terminus in the late 1950's

Photo: Mike Crabtree collection (photographer unknown)

Grimsby & Immingham 14 reunited with Gateshead 5 (formerly Grimsby & Immingham 20) outside the depot at Crich.

Photo: Mike Crabtree

Grimsby & Immingham 20 at the tram stop in Stephenson Place circa 1964.

Photo: Mike Crabtree