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Friday, 29 January 2010

Working high and low

A fire-break is being constructed in the Exhibition Hall using timber salvaged from the old exhibition. This will be a timber frame with fire resistant panelling on either side.

Meanwhile the Outside Works team continue working on the Town End Trackwork and the protective boards have now been removed from the Metropolitan Police Box.

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Ins and outs at the Workshop

The Workshop have this morning taken delivery of a new wheelset for Blackpool 167. This is to replace the old set which failed a non-destructive test.

To allow the wheelset into the truck bay, LUT 159 is removed into the morning sun, a welcome return of better weather after the recent snow and rain.

Within a few minutes the tram is back in place.

The two photographs show the newly fitted curves to the top-deck handrails.

Another addition to the Museum is the lift that will be used to allow the high level hanging signs to be taken down in the Exhibition Hall and then to install the proposed new hanging banners and can be used around the Museum in areas inaccessible to the cherry picker. Again, our thanks go to Bryan Scott and Scott's Heavy Haulage for their help.


Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Continuing trackwork

Consolidating the base for the Tarmac.

Work on the kerb and west side path.

Lottery meeting

As part of the continuing work to secure funding for the Stone Workshop redevelopment, a meeting took place at the Heritage Lottery Fund in Nottingham. The easiest way to get there from Crich is by tram...from Phoenix Park, Park and Ride.

Tramcar 'Lord Byron' at Phoenix Park Terminus.

Return journey from Market Square.

The modern rosette...

...and just around the corner a rather more elegant original.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

The Library

Latest acquisitions in the Library are these lovely Safe Driving Certificates from the National Safety First Association , presented to York Corporation Tramways driver Charles Legg. The four certificates are for safe driving in the consecutive years 1928, 29, 30 and 31, 'for having been safe from accidents for which he was any way blameworthy'. The certificates were donated by Mr. Legg's granddaughter.

Regular Library volunteer and well known member of the Traffic Department, Pat Lidgett, is sorting and mounting the Library ticket collection onto acid free pages.


The first phase of the work to in-fill the new track in preparation for the tarmac surfacing has been completed. More work has to be done to kerb lines and the fill consolidated prior to the final finish being put down.

Monday, 25 January 2010

Trackwork and Shop work

The better weather has allowed the Outside Works team to move out of the Exhibition Hall and continue work on the Town End Trackwork. The following three views show the infilling of the track that must be done so that a tarmac surface can be added.

The snow and ice that we've experienced over the past weeks has unfortunately caused a pipe to burst in Barnett's Sweet Shop. Now this has been rectified some additional mopping and cleaning is required in addition to the work to be done before the Sweet Shop can open.

The Scothern and Williamson shop is also having a major clean before the museum opens to the public.

Volunteers at work

The volunteer team working in the Exhibition Hall has been hard at work again this weekend removing the final pieces of the trade exhibition as well as working in other areas of the Exhibition Hall.

Andrew removing the patterned floor that the Manchester Tower Wagon once stood on.

Ruth taking rubbish to the skip (with the aid of a Dumper Truck!).

Andrew and Ruth taking down more of the wall that divided the tram at night from the trade exhibition.

Another 'first in 20 years' view reveals more of the main Exhibition Hall.

Alan clearing the track to allow Glasgow 1115 to move further down the Exhibition Hall and escape its home of the last 18 years!

Friday, 22 January 2010

The snow has gone....

1115 out of the dark

The 'Tram at Night' for very nearly 20 years has emerged into the light as the work in the Exhibition Hall progresses northward.

Progress by the volunteer team and the Outside Works Department has begun to merge. The work by the volunteers to move the Trade Display allowed the horse drawn tower wagon to be moved, in turn allowing the wall to the Tram at Night to be dismantled.

The Hall now has many views that have not been seen for nearly 20 years.

Pre-season preparation

Work continues to get the Museum ready for the 2010 season; Admissions staff are being instructed in the use of the till system and trees and branches are being cleared from around the span wires and poles along the tramway.

Nicola and Tracey preparing for the flood of customers we hope to get at the Museum shortly.

John clearing branches that have begun to foul the span wires and poles.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Boats and Trains (No planes)

The John Price postcard collection held at the Museum is not purely trams.

A pre-1923 image of the London and North-Western Railway's early-morning business men's express from Birmingham New Street to London's Broad Street station (for the City). The caption on the reverse notes: 'A special feature of this train is the provision of a typewriting compartment, enabling business men to deal with their correspondence en route.'

A topical image, with the Cadbury's takeover bid in the news. Narrow boats carrying fresh milk for Cadbury's milk chocolate.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Stable, but smaller

The stable has been chopped in two, and reunited, by the Outside Works Department.

The work has given the clearance for Glasgow 1115 to be moved out of its current position and for other vehicles to be moved in to form a part of the planned new display in the Exhibition Hall.

Volunteers are also hard at work in the Hall removing the old Trade Exhibition stands to be repositioned for the new exhibition.

Alan, left, and Roger, with just one section left to move.