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Friday, 8 January 2010

More Exhibition Hall!

Opened in 1992 the Exhibition Hall has seen many people through its doors. However the original exhibition was reaching the end of its life and during 2009 a process to completely redisplay the hall was started.

Dismantling the old exhibition commenced in the closed season. The following three pictures, taken during recent work, show current progress.

Leicester 76 as it hasn't been seen for a long time. Without the barriers, pot plants and models it looks a lot taller and more imposing than it did previously.

Brussels 96, the Museum's Snowbroom, would be very useful in the current weather. However, being continental, its designed as a 'left hand drive' vehicle and the brooms would sweep snow onto the other track at the museum! Here we see it in the Exhibition Hall now the barriers that surrounded it have been removed.

The final picture of this post shows Derby 1. Work has now commenced on removing the barriers and surrounds from this vehicle.