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Friday, 26 August 2011

A Thousand Wishes

It has been a very rainy day here at the Tramway, so we thought that we should rescue the many wishes left by our visitors on the Wish Tree last week. The Wish Tree was very popular and although we have not sat and counted each rescued wish, we do know that 1000-1500 labels were used to write wishes on last week. That's a lot of wishes for our tree to cope with!

We have enjoyed reading the wishes and we thought that you might like to read a few too.

'I wish I was Indiana Jones' Nathaniel Bradley aged 3

'I wish there was a tram full of penguins' Chloe, lol

'I wish I am a rock star when I am older, about 8' Anon

'I wish to be in the Royal Command Unit' Aaron Stockwell

'I wish I was a great big man eating ant!' Anon

'I wish I had a real life Unicorn' Esme

'I want to be a mermaid' Anon

'I wish I had a metal rocket' Anon

'I wish I had super powers' Mason

'I wish for my family to stay happy and healthy always xxx' Anon

'I wish Nicholas wouldn't be quite so grumpy!' S&J

'I wish Man U get relagated this year' Anon

'The Lottery Win for once,' Margaret & Alan, Lynne & Kev

'I wish to own all the reptiles in the world,' B. Bates

'I wish for everybody to be happy,' Anon

'I wish all our boys and girls that are away from their families fighting for our country come home safely. Thank You x,' Anon

We would like to say thank you to all of our visitors who left a wish. The Wish Tree is now recovering from a hectic week and will be ready to spring into action again next year!