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Thursday, 11 August 2011

Sandford Award for Heritage Education

The Museum is delighted to announce it is to receive the Sandford Award for Heritage Education.

The Learning Department met the required criteria to a high standard which covered educational and domestic facilities, contribution to local and national heritage, good management and administration for all aspects of the visit and consultation with educational customers and advisors.

The judges also shadowed an education session lead by a member of the learning team in the New Learning Centre.

Lead Judge Adam Clarke said ‘This Museum is a gem in the East Midlands’ crown and offers excellent, unique learning opportunities. The village itself is a concoction of historical buildings in their own right, taken from elsewhere, to create a pseudo-heritage experience. The learning opportunities on offer are exceptional, giving children the chance to look into a world gone by – something which many would argue we could learn much from as we consider our future. As the museum looks to improve further in the future, this Award will hopefully be seen as a catalyst for even more excellent practise in the area of heritage education.’

The award ceremony will take place in November.