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Friday, 23 July 2010

Philip Groves Collection

The extensive collection of notes, files, letters and copies of all sorts of official records compiled by Philip Groves has been donated to the Museum. It is a remarkable collection of material with all sorts of items of interest and information relating to our own tramcar collection.

Part of the extensive collection of files from Philip Groves collection.

The collection will require quite a bit of work to discover just what it contains and to re-house it in acid free enclosures for long term storage. Despite only being at the Museum for around two weeks, a large portion of the collection has been listed already by Volunteers. Stanley King spent a full week going through and listing over 35 files and the work is being carried on by David Beardsell and Ian Yearsley.

David Beardsell working on the files from the Philip Groves collection

David has found some interesting copies made by Philip from the Nottingham archives and a copy from the Blackpool records, believed to have been made previously by the late Maurice Marshall.

An order from Nottingham for the batch of tramcars from which the Museum's Nottingham 166 is preserved and a worksheet for Blackpool 'Balloon' 249, now on display in the Exhibition Hall.