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Saturday, 31 July 2010

Annual General Meeting 31st July 2010

Notice to Members

Annual General Meeting held on 31st July 2010

The results of the formal resolutions at the above-mentioned meeting were as follows.

1.The meeting agreed to adopt the Annual Report & Accounts; and to re-appoint RSM Tenon Audit Ltd., as Auditors to the Society and to authorise the Board to fix their remuneration.
2. There being only one candidate for the post of Hon. Secretary, Mr I.M. Dougill was deemed automatically elected, in accordance with Article 30 of the Society’s Articles of Association.
3. The votes cast in favour of the candidates for three positions as an ordinary Board member were as follows:

Mr M.J. Blake          88
Mr R. Lomas            70
Mr J.D. Markham    146
Mr A.M. Pendleton  78
Mr J.M. Shawcross 160
Mrs L.M. Wright     158

Accordingly Messrs Markham, Shawcross and Mrs Wright were declared appointed to the Board to serve for three years.

I.M. Dougill,
31st July 2010.