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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Launch of Blackpool 'Luxury Toastrack' 236 on Sunday 3rd June 2012

On Sunday 3rd June 2012 Blackpool 'luxury Toastrack' 236 was launched into public service. The event took place in heavy rain with all participants getting thoroughly soaked.

The day started with an impressive line up of Blackpool tramcars in front of the depot.

Blackpool 236 followed by Blackpool 630 making its way past a Blackpool motor bus on its way to the launch ceremony.


Miss Daphne Luff (daughter of Walter Luff, the Blackpool General Manager who introduced the 'Luxury Toastrack' cars in 1934), together with TMS President Chris Thornburn breaking a stick of Blackpool rock across the coupler of the car to ceremonially inaugurate the car in to public service.

Blackpool 236 pauses at Wakebridge during a very wet inaugural run to Glory Mine.

In the 'dry' of the Workshop, TMS Chairman Colin Heaton presents Daphne Luff with a photo of Blackpool 236 in service at Starr Gate during the 1950's, with TMS President Chris Thornburn looking on.

All images courtesy Mike Crabtree