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Thursday, 15 December 2011

A Day at the Trams

Here is a poem we received from Isobel and her Grandparents Brian and Judy. We enjoyed it so much we wanted to share it.

A Day at the Trams

Trams from here and trams from there,
And trams from countries everywhere.
Trams from the seaside, trams from the city.
When gentlemen more suits and hats,
And the ladies dressed so pretty.

You can race up the stairs to get the best place,
Sit on the balcony and get lots of space.
You can wave to the people and they wave back,
As the tram rattles and rumbles to the end of the track.

The trams were electric, horse drawn or steam,
Get your tickets ready! The conductors here with the machine.
When the tram reaches the end of the track, stand up! Shouts the conductor, and turn your seats back.

When we arrive at the last stop, Isobel jumps off the tram and runs to the shop.
She gets out her purse, and has a look round,
Two bouncy balls at 50p each, that just makes a pound.

Then we go for fish and chips, or sometimes just a bun.
So ends a day of laughter, and lots and lots of fun.