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Friday, 20 May 2011

Crich Quarry Development

The quarry adjacent to Crich Tramway Village has recently changed hands.

The new owners have approached the Tramway Museum Society, owners and operators of Crich Tramway Village, ( the Museum) to show us their outline proposals for the development of the quarry as a leisure resort, to be called Amber Rock Resort.

The Museum has had no input to these outline proposals.

The proposals consist principally of a hotel, leisure centre, retail outlet and holiday chalets.

The outline plans include a tramway to serve the principal buildings on the development. There has been no consultation on these proposals between the Museum and the developers and there has been no agreement to extend the existing tramway or to integrate the Museum with the proposed resort.

Any future plans for the Museum in conjunction with this project will depend on further and detailed information being provided by the developers.